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In this project, we investigate how to facilitate and make more efficient the development, installation and maintenance of distributed systems composed of things, such as massively parallel servers, PCs, Tablets, Phones, so-called single-board computers (Raspberry, Beaglebone, Omega2 , etc.), as well as everyday things, such as microwaves, TVs, refrigerators, gates, curtains and many other things. Our alternative solution is based on the adoption of Middleware. JCL, therefore, is a pioneering middleware solution for HPC (High Performance Computing) and IoT (Internet of Things) that has a unique API for common services of both technologies, whether they are: processing, storage, sensing, actuating, context awareness, privacy and security. The integration of HPC and IoT into a single solution makes the JCL quite distinct from the state-of-art in middlewares, since in the literature there are only IoT or HPC or CoT (Cloud of Things) solutions. Its simplicity of programming and installation has already been tested with classes of undergraduate and high-school students. Its innovations, its performance, its scalability, portability and heterogeneity have been tested against related alternatives in the literature. This project is conducted by professors  Joubert de Castro Lima (DECOM-UFOP), André Luis Almeida (IFMG-OP), and André Luiz Lins de Aquino (IC-UFAL).