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1. Undergraduate final report of JOSÉ ESTEVÃO EUGÊNIO DE RESENDE - DECOM UFOP 2017

2. Master degree thesis of LEONARDO DE SOUZA CIMINO - PPGCC UFOP 2017

3. JCL paper about Android extension in SBESC 2017

4. JCL paper about revisions and perspectives of IoT and HPC technologies in SBESC 2017

5. JCL paper about HPC innovations under review at Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience journal - 2017

6. JCL paper about the first integrated middleware solution under review at Personal and Ubiquitous Computing journal - 2017

7. Master degree thesis of ANDRÉ LUÍS BARROSO ALMEIDA - PPGCC UFOP 2016

8. JCL paper about HPC innovations in ICEIS 2016

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