Two new investigations themes will start in 2018: i) a PhD student will investigate new scheduling algorithms for IoT and HPC technologies; and ii) a master student started investigating new fault tolerance algorithms for IoT and HPC technologies. In both scenarios JCL will be used as a testing middleware platform. New API services for processing issues will simplify the execution of several tasks as a pipeline over a cluster or as map/reduce tasks over a cluster. New IoT platforms, such as IoS and MicaZ, will be supported by JCL. Comparative evaluations against standards and market-leaders will continue to prove JCL efficiency, and social initiatives with kids will continue to prove JCL simplicity. Two new Journal papers (Qualis A2) has been published in 2018, one about JCL HPC and the other about JCL IoT/HPC integration. Two undergraduate students will graduate in 2018 using JCL as their investigation themes.