Joubert de Castro Lima

The coordinator of project JCL. He started JCL in 2010. Professor at DECOM-UFOP (graduate and undergraduate courses). Research interests include Middlewares, but also HPC simulators and Big Data OLAP. Lattes curriculum at link.

André Luís Barroso Almeida

Master in Computer Science by PPGCC-UFOP and undergraduated in Control and Automation engineer in 2011 at UFOP. Has experience in commissioning of industrial systems and networks. Works in JCL since 2014, becoming the manager of the project where a middleware solution is designed, implemented and tested for the new integrated HPC-IoT. Lattes curriculum at link.

André Luiz Lins de Aquino

Professor at IC-UFAL. Research interests include distributed systems and sensor networks. Lattes curriculum at link


Graduate and Undergraduate students

  1. David Silva Fernandes - Undergraduate student. Working with an event based implementation for DSM - a faster JCL release
  2. Gabriel Natã - Undergraduate student. Working with JCL GPU Cubing, part II
  3. Matheus Oliveira - Undergraduate student. Worked with JCL Page Rank
  4. Allan Spaviero - Undergraduate student. Worked with JCL News Classification for Bitcoin market
  5. Renan da Silva Moreira - High-school student. Worked with the JCL component JCL-Host for iOS in Objective-C and Swift
  6. Samuel Queiroz - Undergraduate student. Worked with text classification for equipment maintenance industry
  7. João Araújo Rocha - Undergraduate student. Worked with JCL Opt, a distributed solver for large scale combinatorial problems
  8. Junior Guilherme da Silva - High-school student. Worked with arduino sensor shield and sensor modules compatible with JCL-Host component
  9. Leonardo de Souza Cimino - Graduate student. Worked with the IoT-HPC JCL integration
  10. Lucas Henrique M. Silva - Undergraduate student. Worked with JCL GPU Cubing, part I
  11. José Estevão Eugênio - Undergraduate student. Worked with JCL-Host for Android platform
  12. Guilherme Souza - Undergraduate student. Worked with DNA, RNA and protein sequence alignments over HPC clusters using JCL
  13. Antonio Carlos Nazaré jr - Undergraduate student. Worked with the first version of JCL