How to import the examples and aplications as Eclipse projects

The Eclipse IDE (


To import the examples, follow the steps bellow:

1 - Download the latest JCL release on our Dowload page:

1.1 - Click "Downloads'

1.2 Then click at the  "JCL samples pack" link to download the ZIP with the Eclipse project of the Examples

2 - Unzip the ZIP file to a known folder:

OBS: The image below shows the unzip using 7Zip, however you can use any software you want.


3 - Now, with the ZIP extracted, you'll have in you folder all the JCL applications and examples. You can unzip and import any application. We will use the Dijkstra application in this tutorial. 


The folder which the name ends with "source" contains the source code to be imported in Eclipse. To import the code as a project, open the Eclipse IDE:

4 - Click File ->Import

5 - On the opened window, select "Existing project into Workspace" and click "Next >":

6 - Click "Browse...", navigate to the "*source" folder that was decompressed and click "OK":

7 - Confirm that the project is selected and click "Finish":

8 - On the Eclipse's "Package Explorer" you will find the project you just imported, so you should navigate to the file

9 -  Right click the "" file, select "Run As" and then click "Java Application"

After the 9th step the aplication will start, however, as we mentioned before, there must be at least one Host running.