What does this application do?

 This application was developed to solve the problem of the Traveling Salesman, which finds the shortest path between two destinations. We use the Dijkstra algorithm in this solution. The algorithm is a naive distributed solution that starts a new task for each possible path, so there is a sequential Dijkstra algorithm in each task. At the end of this distributed application the best path is found. 


How can I run?


To use the application, you must first start a cluster.

To execute the application you can type the following command in the terminal. Otherwise, you can use the .bat file for windows or the .sh file for linux to simplify the execution. 

 java -jar Dijkstra

How can I use?

First, you need to load an input file. It consists of several destinations and distances. Input examples can be found in the Dijkstra_month_year folder.


Figure 1 - The main view


After loading the file, just click on execute Dijkstra. The expected result would be.


Figure 2 - The result view


Questions or comments, where can I go?


 Questions about the API or about the codes of this application? See our Programming Guide and Installation Guide.

 If you have any questions, please contact the HPC team.