What does this application do?

 This application was developed to implement the Dijkstra's algorithm, which finds the shortest path between two nodes of a graph. The algorithm is a naive distributed solution that starts a new task for each possible path, so there is a sequential Dijkstra algorithm in each task. At the end of this distributed application the best path is found. 


How can I run?


To use the application, you must first start a JCL cluster.

To execute the application you need to import the Eclipse Dijkstra project and run the Main class. A GUI, identical to Figure 1, will open. 

How can I use?

First, you need to load an input file. It consists of several nodes and distances. Input examples can be found in the Dijkstra project folder.


Figure 1 - The main view


After loading the file, just click on execute Dijkstra. The expected result would be.


Figure 2 - The result view


Questions or comments, where can I go?


 Questions about the API or about the codes of this application? See our Programming Guide and Installation Guide.

 If you have any questions, please contact the JCL team.